September 13, 2006

Klychko invites to Lviv

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September 13, 2006

Presents are being prepared for Lvivites and city guests

The Directorate dealing with organization of celebration of the 750th Lviv anniversary has thought of some memory from the celebration of the 750th Lviv anniversary for everybody.

As the manager of the Directorate Liliana Zenina has informed us, Lvivites and guests will be given balloons, flags and badges. Along with various actions these small presents will add some specific atmosphere to the celebration of the 750th Lviv anniversary which everybody who comes to the celebration and leaves a small part of it for himself/herself will be able to feel.

Organizers of the festivities have already ordered 5 thousand balloons with the celebration logo. The balloons will be of the same colours as the towers on the celebration emblem: green, red, orange and blue. During the festivities dedicated to the city's jubilee on September 30 and October 1 volunteers will give out balloons at Rynok and Mitskevych squares. Flags will be white, satin, having a coloured logo of the celebration. They have also been ordered in the amount of 5 thousand. And they will be given out near the places where concerts will be held.

As the memory of Lviv jubilee, Lvivites and city guests will also be able to receive badges with the logo. In the words of Mrs. Liliana, there are already 2000 of them. Additionally, the Directorate has ordered 5000 more badges. Apart from that, 1000 T-shirts of green, red, orange and blue colour will be produced by the days of celebration, and there will also be an emblem on them. Volunteers will wear green T-shirts¸ the rest will be given out to people. That is why, both guests and Lvivites, in case you have any questions during the celebration, pay attention to green colour — volunteers will help you.

Also, to the order of the Directorate 1000 paper bags with the celebration emblem will be produced. In these packages city guests will be given presents from "Svitoch" and "Lviv beer" trade marks. Honorary guests will be presented with notebooks with the celebration emblem and guides. As Liliana Zenina has informed, 500 notebooks and 40 guides have already been made. Taking into account the fact that many guests from abroad will come to the city celebration, the text in the guides is in three languages: English, Polish and Ukrainian.

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