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Посещать и слушать злых людей - это есть уже начало злого дела - Конфуций (Кун-цзы)

Идеи - это капиталы, которые приносят проценты лишь в руках профессионала. А. Ривароль

Gert Hoff

Gert Hoff is a person of unique profession. In Germany it is called Lichtkunstler, which literally stands for "light artist". Hoff is an artist who uses light as the main material for his works. Out of this ephemeral, virtual material Gert Hoff creates masterpieces which can impress anyone.

Gert Hoff's actions are unique performances with the use of light, neon, lasers, high-altitude fireworks and pyrotechnics. Even in the pictures light shows of Hoff can not but impress. Each show of the German artist combines music selected or written specifically for the occasion, peculiarities of the city appearance taking into account the landscape, peculiarities of the city architecture and national traditions of the country. These criteria are the crucial factors for Hoff in the elaboration of the whole project.

Gert Hoff was born near Leipzig, in the former Democratic Republic of Germany. He himself experienced all the "decorations" of life under the totalitarian regime: in the 60-ies he stayed in prison for a year and a half, he got there for his love for the music of Rolling Stones which was wrong in the view of the socialist Germany. In prison the overseer smashed him in his right eye and Hoff became one-eyed. Later followed drama school, work in the theatres of Leipzig and Berlin. Goff studied the creativity of Bertolt Brecht until he "became more Bertolt that Gert!" At the beginning of the 80ies he staged "Paule panke" - the first rock-performance in the Democratic Republic of Germany. Or, as they used to say in the USSR, "song-opera", that is musical. Since then Goff has been working in close connection with music - modern, classical and archaic. Either he creates compositions on the basis of pieces of music, or, which happens more often, cooperates with musicians and composers at the single conception of light and music show.

The record of Gert Hoff includes tens of most tremendous shows. For instance, in 1994 on the basis of Arvo Pyarta's music and following the motives of David Friedrich's picture "Moon rise at the sea" Gert Hoff made a show "The sky of light and fire" at the seaside of the Atlantic Ocean in France. More than a million people witnessed it. The German artist also elaborated a celebrated fire show for Rammstein. In 2000 Hoff staged light and music fairy scenes on the occasion of the turn of millennium for four countries - Hungary, China, Greece (by the way, Gert Hoff is the only artist whom the government of Greece entrusted with the use of Acropolis as the podium) and Germany.

Nowadays all the large-scale shows of the world level can not do without the light of the German artist. In 2003 Gert Hoff carried out a mega-project in the USA "Lights of freedom" (Lichter der Freiheit) at the expense of a famous millionaire Donald Trump. That same year Goff staged a light show dedicated to the Day of Moscow.

This year Lvivites will also be able to watch the light show of Gert Hoff.

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