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August 21, 2006

Grandiose holiday from Gert Hoff

On the first day of the celebrations of Lviv 750th anniversary the citizens and guests of the city will witness a grandiose light show presented by the world known German light shows stage-director Gert Hoff. This is the first time such show will take place in Ukraine.

Reflection of the Lviv Opera theater architecture in the sky and light history of the city will be shown to the Lvivites by Gert Hoff. It was announced by the German stage-director on August 21 at the press-conference in Lviv.

Gert Hoff is the author of the grandiose shows during the celebrations of Hungary's millennium in Budapest, light shows stage-director during the celebrations of the millenniums turn in four countries simultaneously - Hungary, China, Greece (by the way, Gert Hoff is the only artist entrusted by the Greek government with Acropolis as a podium) and Germany.

"I have worked in many countries of the world, however, not in your country yet, - Gert Hoff said during the press-conference. - It will be the most powerful project in the world focused upon architecture in the sky as the main idea. 50 most powerful lasers with 70 km of rays length will reflect the Opera theater first in the sky and then it will be gradually transferred onto the very building." According to Mr. Hoff this show will be the journey to the sky for the Lvivites.

Even bad weather conditions cannot darken this journey. Moreover, according to Gert Hoff, the possible fog and rain will allow to see the light rays even clearer.

The show will last for about 15-20 minutes. There will be used the most powerful projectors in the world, about 100 people will be involved. Though, according to Mr. Hoff, this is not the biggest show he has ever organized. There have been shows involving up to 100 thousand people.

According to the chairperson of the Lviv 750th anniversary celebration board Ksenia Kurylyshyn, Gert Hoff agreed to organize the grandiose light show for Lvivites free of charge. The German stage-director first and foremost would like to impress and surprise the citizens. The only thing paid by the city council are technical expenses for the show.

Now Gert Hoff together with Ruslana are working on music performed during the light show. These will be the works of both modern composers and those written in the 15th century. The live singing of Ruslana will accompany the Gert Hoff's show.

В дело воспитания процессу саморазвития должно быть отведено самое широкое место. Человечество всего успешнее развивалось только путем самообразования. Г. Спенсер

Повторное чтение уже прочитанных книг v самый надежный пробный камень образованности. К. Геббель

Слабость ума и (обратите внимание) характера многих учеников и взрослых людей зависит от того, что они знают все коеvкак и ничего как следует. А. Дистервег

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