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Посещать и слушать злых людей - это есть уже начало злого дела - Конфуций (Кун-цзы)

Если хочешь победить весь мир, победи самого себя. Ф. Достоевский

"Zoloty Lev"

Festival "Zoloty Lev"

For Ukraine street festivals are so far not quite a usual phenomenon, while in Europe this art is already very much widespread (for instance, in Poland each year there take place over 500 street festivals). However, "Zoloty Lev" founded in 1989 by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn is gradually gathering pace. It already has its peculiar colouring inherent in Lviv fest. Both children and adults look forward to it.

This year groups from Ukraine, Poland, Austria, France, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Byelorus, Czechia will participate in it. The performances will be held in the premises of First Ukrainian Theatre for Children and Youth, in ZOK theatre, "Voskresinnia", M. Zankovetska theatre, L. Kurbas theatre.

Apart from that, every evening at the square in front of Lviv Opera there will take place free-of-charge performances for the audience. Actors will present Lvivites with unforgettable street carnival: parade on stilts, mimes, clowns performances, fireworks. As at all carnivals, there will be a lot of fire, explosions and bright costumes in Lviv. And the audience will not only watch it all, but every Lvivite or city guest will have a chance to participate in the carnival if he or she wishes and become the actor of the street performance.

Ukraine will be represented at the festival by Lviv M. Zankovetska theatre, L. Kurbas theatre, ZOK theatre, First Ukrainian Theatre for Children and Youth, Lviv theatre "Voskresinnia" as well as Kyiv Young Theatre, Drama and Comedy Theatre "Livy bereh" (Kyiv).

Polish theatre will also be widely represented at this-year festival. Both in terms of geography - from Zheshuv to Gdansk, and in terms of repertoire variety. Thus, in the course of seven festival days everyone will be able to find there something of interest.

Знание есть то, что требует, дабы тот, в ком оно наличествует, познавал. аль-Ашари

Полезнее знать несколько мудрых правил, которые всегда могли бы служить тебе, чем выучиться многим вещам, для тебя бесполезным. Сенека Младший

То, что мы знаем, - ограниченно, а то, чего мы не знаем, - бесконечно. П. Лаплас

Скромное молчание - лучший довод в споре с руководством.

Женский юмор:

Женщины своих лет не считают. За них это делают подруги.

Дороже всего, как ни странно, стоят бесплатные женщины...