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Почтительный сын - это тот, кто огорчает отца и мать разве что своей болезнью - Конфуций (Кун-цзы)

В жизни, как правило, преуспевает тот, кто располагает лучшей информацией. Б. Дизраэли

The comfort for the Lviv quests

The comfort for the Lviv quests will be provided by the 500 volunteers (a talk with Yuriy Nakonechnyi, chairperson of the Volunteer Department)

The comfort for the Lviv quests will be provided by the 500 volunteers.
This year the ancient city of Lviv welcomes quests from different parts of Ukraine and the world to celebrate its 750th anniversary. The Lvivites expect the arrival of presidents of several countries, mayors of many Ukrainian and European cities, official Ukrainian and foreign delegations and also all those willing to share the joy of celebration. In order to make the visit of quests comfortable and impressions from the city pleasant, there will be a service of volunteers working in the city.

The chairperson of the volunteer service Yuriy Nakonechnyi tells about its work.

- How do you recruit volunteers?

- Firstly, there are public organizations who apply in order to help the city organize the holiday. Secondly, there is an announcement at for the people who do not belong to any public organization but are willing to contribute to the organization of the celebrations. They need to fill out the volunteer application and send it to the e-mail box
We would like to have a possibility to select those people who will help the city.

- What public organizations will help the city?

- These are traditional organizations which always help. They are „Scouts", University Student Brotherhood, Polytechnical University Student Brotherhood, Catholic University Student Brotherhood. We are now working at involving other organizations willing to help.

- What will the volunteers do?

- The volunteers will work in several directions. Pupils of senior grades from 13 schools have already applied. These are the schools planning to lodge up to 2 thousand guests for the period of celebrations. The pupils will help to lodge the guests in schools.
Another direction involves staying of VIP guests who come by planes or by cars. Volunteers will check them into the hotels, help to settle, create the conditions under which our guests will receive all the necessary information from the volunteer service.
Thus we should instruct the people who will become volunteers with the necessary knowledge about Lviv and all the information about the holiday: when and where the events take place. The volunteers should be able to answer the questions the guests of the city will be interested in.
Besides, there will be located information stations all around Lviv in the most crowded places. These stations will provide information for the citizens and guests of the city concerning the program of celebration.

- How is it possible to recognize a volunteer?

- They will be dressed in their special volunteer clothes - T-shirts with the emblem of the celebrations. To ensure effective work of the volunteers they will have free access to the concert grounds and will have seats right behind the VIP.

- How many volunteers will be there?

- About 400 people.

- What are the criteria for their choice?

- These are age, knowledge of a foreign language. They may be pupils of senior grades or students. We conduct interviews with the applicants and choose people with the knowledge of foreign languages.
We would like the people who were not selected not to be offended. The matter is that we expect many guests from abroad to come for the celebration who will speak English, Polish, German. Therefore we need those people who will be able to talk fluently with theses people and provide them all the necessary information.

- How many people have already applied for the volunteer work?
- Now we have 150 people.

Подозрений у человека тем больше, чем меньше он знает. Ф. Бэкон

Идеи у него в голове v как стекла в ящике: каждое отдельности прозрачно, все вместе v темны. А. Ривароль

Надо знать обо всем понемножку, но все о немногом. [Когда захочется узнать о немногом остальное, скажется насколько немного знал обо всем v Д.Д.] К.А. Тимирязьев

Любая кривая короче прямой, на которой стоит начальник.

Женский юмор:

Не прощают ошибок женщины и тетрис на 9-й скорости

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